About Jay Fenster

Hi. I’m Jay Fenster. Here’s a few biographical nuggets.

I was born on Elvis Presley’s last birthday. Now I live in Las Vegas. We don’t have much else in common.

I was a professional travel writer before I was old enough to drive. I parlayed a genre-defining Las Vegas travel guide into a career as a casino industry marketing pioneer, serving as the voice of Caesars Entertainment in direct mail, web and social media.

I left Caesars in 2012 and struck out on my own as a marketing consultant, providing my copywriting, digital marketing, technical writing and social media services to diverse companies in industries including casino gaming, hospitality, food & beverage, healthcare, non-profit and financial services.

I am an entrepreneur, and in 2013 I founded PlayerMate, a technology startup, where in my role as CEO I designed a mobile customer relationship marketing and customer acquisition system for casinos.

Jay Fenster graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in May 1999, after focusing my studies on marketing and management. After graduating, I moved to northern Virginia and ran the marketing department for a small software company for nearly five successful years.

While living in the DC metro area, I also performed as a DJ at many of the legendary now-defunct clubs of the city, such as Nation and the Edge. I played progressive trance when I first started DJing in 1998 but quickly transitioned into deep house and achieved quite a bit of skill and notoriety and established myself with a Saturday night club residency in 2002. Unfortunately I lost interest in DJing, and, in probably the second worst decision I ever made, sold my turntables and hundreds of classic records. I left Virginia in May 2006 and never looked back east.

But in 2011 I returned to the world of DJing and soon rediscovered my love of house and techno. Starting in August 2013 I began mixing Stripped Sounds, a semi-monthly podcast devoted to the deep house, progressive and techno sounds that never see the light of day in Las Vegas. Jay Fenster’s Stripped Sounds was broadcast monthly on Digitally Imported’s Tech House channel, alongside podcasts from superstars like Carl Cox and Coyu.

I live with my soul mate, Briana, whom I will marry in April 2017, and our cat, Frankie.