Album Liner Notes

It’s 10 pm, and Max Graham is wasting no time making the room his.

From the moment the doors open, his loyal fans know they’re in for a special night. There’s no such thing as arriving “fashionably late” to this show. The eager crowd filing in would no sooner miss the opening minutes of this set than the credits of a Tarantino movie.

Those first moments are atmospheric, contemplative. Max surveys the room, introducing melodies to dancers hypnotized by the rich, warm, wiggling low end. His layered transitions bring the contrast of the chosen tracks into sharp relief, with haunting keys swaying the arms while hips move to the chugging, kinetic percussion.

It’s midnight, and Max Graham has led the crowd deep into his zone.

As he moves seamlessly between melodic tech house and progressive, it’s impossible to miss the building tension. Angelic voices surround the dancefloor like a fog and lift over suddenly aggressive kick drums. The bass gets darker and weirder. The techno locomotive has pulled into the station.

The dance floor is now packed. The energy level is through the roof. Hands are waving in the air. Max looks over the crowd during a quiet break in the song and beams a smile before dropping the next track.

The music is pulsating now. Electricity crackles within the music, the dancers soak it up. Elements of techno and progressive cross and clash like martial artists battling for supremacy as the sounds transform the night into a dramatic, otherworldly environment.

It’s 2 am, and Max Graham isn’t playing a club, he’s flying a spaceship.

Droning chords swirl as powerful drums echo through open, industrial acoustic spaces that sound like the future come to menacing life. Sweeping, epic sci-fi soundscapes reach into places darker and farther from home than Max has ever ventured.

And just when it feels like it’s all gone too far, Max pulls the throttle. Darkness begins to give way to light. This is the home stretch, building a musical story with cinematic force to a cathartic, breathtaking emotional climax.

It’s heart-wrenching knowing that time is running out, and Max feels it too, pouring every last bit of raw beauty and honest emotion into his final tracks. This is the very definition of leaving it all on the dancefloor. In those last few minutes, performer and audience share a special moment, the kind of intimate connection a DJ only earns by playing from open to close.

It’s 4 am, and Max Graham has taken you full circle, as only he can.

Cycles 7, the new DJ mix album from Max Graham, captures the experience of these storied open-to-close sets at clubs like Cielo in New York City, San Francisco’s Audio and Montreal’s legendary Stereo. Max’s own productions, “One Hundred” (Raw Mix) and “Airtight” (Tim Penner Remix) command showcase attention in this set, sharing the spotlight with progressive icon Guy J, teenage wunderkind Matt Fax and versatile LA mainstay Trent Cantrelle. Multiple tracks from Rick Pier O’Neil and THNK are also featured on this genre-crossing 78-minute journey.