Joint Account Merge Letter


As we’re nearing the debut of Marquee Rewards® at Tropicana Las Vegas, we’ve been brainstorming on ways to help loyal Trop players like you get the most out of your new membership.

We noticed that the two of you have both your names listed on a single Trop Plus account. In order to ensure that each of you receives all of the offers, benefits and perks you’ve earned, and to maintain compliance with all applicable regulations, your joint account must now be assigned to a single individual.

If your name is the first one that appears on this account, you individually will inherit the account history for the previous joint account, including play history, Tier status and accumulated rewards. Our records indicate that [FIRST_NAME_LISTED] is the name that appears first on the account.

[SECOND_NAME_LISTED], your name is the second one listed. Please stop by Player Services on your next visit to receive your new Marquee Rewards card. We’ll also give you a turn on our $500,000 Spin & Win promotion – a perk ordinarily reserved for our new members. You could get your new card off to a hot start with a brand new SUV or $1,000 in Free SlotPlay®.

Moving forward, each of you will receive your own mailers, with offers based on the play tracked on each individual card. This gives the two of you the opportunity to earn as many as twice the rewards each month compared to what you received by playing on a joint account.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns regarding this change to your account; our Player Services representatives {and Casino Hosts} are happy to assist you.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. We look forward to welcoming you both to Marquee Rewards.

Best wishes,



Philippe Khouri

Vice President and General Manager

Tropicana Las Vegas